3 Little-Known Benefits of Homeowners Insurance

Did You Know About These Lesser-Known Benefits of Homeowners Insurance 

Your home is your castle. It is likely your most loved and most valuable asset. Yet, many people do not understand the importance of protecting that investment for years to come by simply opting for home insurance. Although you know that your home policy covers the basics, such as your property and belongings, you may be surprised to hear there are a few benefits of home insurance in Cutler Bay, FL that many homeowners don’t know about.

  • Coverage for property while you travel

Your home’s contents are covered for fire, theft, and a list of other perils. The good, and often surprising news for homeowners, is that a percentage of your personal property is covered anywhere you take it. That means if you’re headed away on vacation and someone steals your new camera, your home insurance will cover it.

  • Your landscaping

The trees, shrubs, and decorative elements of your yard are covered by your home insurance policy. If your yard is damaged due to a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster, you can receive compensation for the damages. You are also protected if a tree on your property falls and damages someone else’s home, car, or personal property.

  • Liability for special events

If you are planning an event at a venue off your property, you may be asked to provide liability coverage in case something goes wrong at the event. Most home insurance policies can extend their liability coverage for the special event, meaning that a separate policy doesn’t have to be sought out.

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