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Three Overlooked Insurance Products That Can Help Businesses

Starting a business is exciting. Insurance isn’t. Depending on the industry and size of your business, you’ll likely need some level of insurance to legally satisfy your business duties. Finding the right business insurance in Cutler Bay, FL can be overwhelming at the best of times. Because of this, many business owners tend to opt for cheap insurance that is often unreliable and doesn’t suit their needs. We’ve compiled three insurance products that are often overlooked by business owners but that can truly help you in your time of need.

Business Interruption Insurance

Many business owners take out a commercial policy and believe that it automatically includes business interruption, but this isn’t always the case. Business interruption insurance is designed to mitigate the loss of income that comes after a disaster. It can help you when your business has been disrupted due to a covered peril.

Cyber Liability Insurance

We live in a tech world yet so many businesses are under the misconception that their company is immune to cyber-attacks. In reality, any company can be hacked, regardless of size, location, and industry. Cyber liability insurance covers cyber attacks and usually includes malware, ransomware, and crisis containment.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers liability, or D&O, is often overlooked on the basis that the company’s insurance covers senior staff. Again, this isn’t always the case. Directors and officers can make decisions that negatively impact the business, which can result in a claim. If such a claim is made against you, you are held personally responsible, rather than the business. D&O insurance helps to cover the expenses that come along with such a claim.

Your business can stay protected with the help of these policies, among others. When you’re ready to secure the right business insurance, talk to the team at  UniVista Insurance Hialeah|Cutler Bay. We are happy to help protect your business.