3 Small Business Cyber Myths

What You Should Know About Cyber Threats

 In this digital era, businesses must be online to get noticed. As we start to rely on technology more and more, the risk of cyber breaches and attacks increases. Cybersecurity threats continue to increase in prevalence, severity, and sophistication. As with any topic surrounding a business, there are misconceptions and myths. To help your business stay protected, we debunk a few of the top cyber myths that small businesses should know.

  • A small business isn’t a target for hackers.

Some start-ups and smaller businesses make the mistake of forgoing building a cybersecurity program because they believe that they are not the ideal target for cybercriminals. Although larger businesses have more stored data, they often have sophisticated security systems in place, whereas many smaller businesses overlook the possibility of a cyber threat. Instead of undermining hackers, businesses should recognize that cyber attacks can happen to any business at any time.

  • We back up on the cloud, so we’re safe.

Data breaches come in all shapes and sizes. Backing up data to encrypted Cloud platforms is advisable, but it doesn’t mean your business is invincible to cyber attacks. Your data is vulnerable the entire time it is in “motion” within your organization. What’s more, cybercriminals are becoming even smarter, which means they can navigate firewalls and other preventative measures.

  • Cyber liability insurance is too expensive.

Can you afford not to have cyber insurance? Can you afford a damaged reputation with clients, vendors, and suppliers? Having sufficient coverage doesn’t have to cost the earth, and it could mean the difference between your business recovering after an attack or closing the doors forever.

Make sure your business has reliable cyber liability insurance in place. For help getting started, talk to the team at  UniVista Insurance Hialeah|Cutler Bay. We are happy to help protect your business.