5 Driving Tips for Parents with Teenage Drivers

Tips for Parents That Have Teens Behind the Wheel

Your child driving a car. It’s a scary thought that many parents get anxious to think about. However, when that day finally rolls around, you will want to be prepared and calm. Parents and guardians play an important role in helping teens develop safe driving habits that last a lifetime. To help your child once they’re behind the wheel, check out these safety tips and secure reliable auto insurance in Hialeah, FL.

Lead by example. One of the best ways that you can help to instill good driving habits in your child is to lead by example. Make sure that when you are driving, you remain courteous to other drivers, avoid distractions, and follow the rules of the road. If your teen sees you texting behind the wheel, they might just follow suit.

Say no to peer passengers and night driving. Statistics overwhelmingly identify the two biggest risk factors for teens as driving at night and having other teens as passengers. The more passengers, the higher the risk of an accident. Until their confidence behind the wheel develops, stick to quiet, daylight driving.

Explain the consequences. As an adult driver, you understand that the roads can be dangerous and deadly. Your teen driver may not fully grasp how risky driving can be, so it’s your job to explain that even a moment of distraction can result in an accident. Reinforce how safe and conscious they should be while driving.

Make a family rule: zero tolerance for drinking and driving. There is no safe amount of alcohol a teen can drink before driving. Couple any impairment with their inexperience of driving and you have a recipe for disaster.

Drive the right car. Think heavy, ugly, and safe!

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