Can I Stay on My Parents’ Car Insurance If I Move Out?

How Long Can I Stay on My Parents’ Auto Insurance?

As a young adult driver, you may still be living at home. If you are, you are likely to be on your parents’ auto insurance policy that covers the family. However, if you have plans to move out, it is possible that you will need to secure your own coverage.

Keep in mind that there is no specific cutoff age for children to remain on their parents’ car insurance. If the child is considered a dependent, they can stay on a household insurance policy indefinitely. However, each insurance company has different terms for what classifies a person as a dependent, so it is worth giving your auto insurer a call to confirm. In general, the child needs to live at home either part-time or full-time and drive a car owned by a parent. Therefore, if your college kid comes home for breaks, he or she can stay on the policy.

The deciding factor in determining if a child can be on an insurance policy is the title ownership. If the child owns the title of a vehicle outright, then most insurance companies want that vehicle insured independently of a family or household policy.

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