3 Misunderstood In3 of the Most Misunderstood Insurance Types for Businesses Types for Businesses

Three Overlooked Insurance Products That Can Help Businesses Starting a business is exciting. Insurance isn’t. Depending on the industry and size of your business, you’ll likely need some level of insurance to legally satisfy your business duties. Finding the right business insurance in Cutler Bay, FL can be overwhelming at the best of times. Because of this, many business owners

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4 Steps to Minimize Business Interruptions

Prevent Costly Business Interruptions Business interruption can be extremely costly. Your business needs to be prepared to face unforeseen disasters such as criminal activity, natural disasters, and cyber-attacks among others. Any one of these threats could be devastating enough to close your doors, but if you have proper precautions in place, you can work to minimize their impact. To help

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How to Prevent Vandalism at Your Place of Business

Safeguard Your Business’s Premises by Preventing Vandalism Vandalism can be a significant issue for small businesses and it can detract from the professionalism and appearance of your property as well as costing you a huge amount to repair. A single act of vandalism can lead to more vandalism, which poses a significant risk for your business. Here are just a

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Smart Tips for Starting a Small Business

Budding Entrepreneur? Review These Handy Tips  Starting a business is no small fete. You have to have passion, drive, plans, and the means to get your business up off the ground. Luckily, now is a good time to take the plunge. There is growth in areas across the board, from online businesses to brick-and-mortar retail. To help you on your

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What Small Businesses Should Know About EPLI Coverage

How EPLI Can Protect Your Small Business From Lawsuits As a small business owner, you understand the true value that employees bring to your company. When it comes to protecting your business and team with Employers Practices Liability Insurance, (EPLI), many business owners have either never heard of the coverage or are quick to dismiss it. However, this can be

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The Importance of Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Why Your Business May Need Equipment Breakdown Coverage As a business owner, you may rely on a few key pieces of equipment or machinery in order to run your company. If an appliance in your business breaks down, you could be out of action and out of income for days or even weeks. This is where equipment breakdown coverage comes

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3 Small Business Cyber Myths

What You Should Know About Cyber Threats  In this digital era, businesses must be online to get noticed. As we start to rely on technology more and more, the risk of cyber breaches and attacks increases. Cybersecurity threats continue to increase in prevalence, severity, and sophistication. As with any topic surrounding a business, there are misconceptions and myths. To help

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Should Small Business Owners Get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance for Small Business Owners  In the day to day madness that is running a small business,  it can be easy to forget about some of the most important ways to protect your business and loved ones. Something that far too many business owners overlook is life insurance. You may even be wondering if small business owners need life

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