Crime Prevention Strategies for Every Business

Protecting Your Business From Crime

Crime can happen anywhere, anytime. If you run your own business, preventing crime at your business should not be dealt with light-heartedly. Crimes committed against businesses can have a very high cost. Valuable stock and equipment are lost, business premises are damaged, and employee morale can be impacted. Therefore, it makes sense to take the right security measures to protect your business from crime.

Get Video Surveillance Cameras

Regardless of the type or size of your business, installing video surveillance cameras is one of the easiest ways to prevent crime. Make sure that the cameras have night-vision and can record your business and its premises at all times. Put up signs around the building notifying guests that they are being recorded.

Get Planting

Around your building, plant spikey bushes and shrubs so that vandals cannot lurk around doors and windows easily. These shrubs mean that anyone who is peering into windows and doors risk getting snagged on sharp plants.

Light It Up

Believe it or not, but light is a great crime deterrent. Make sure your business has adequate exterior lighting since buildings left in the dark overnight appeal to vandals and thieves. To save energy, install motion-activated floodlights that will catch people moving around in the dark and signal to criminals that they are on show.

Run Background Checks

It’s not just unknown vandals and thieves that your business has to be aware of. Before hiring an employee, run a criminal background check and contact their references. While no business owner wants to believe that their valuable staff members would steal from the business, it can happen.

Whatever the size, location or industry of your business, it’s important to deter criminals. Another great way to safeguard your business is to secure reliable commercial insurance. For help getting started, talk to the team at UniVista Insurance. We are happy to help protect your business.