Medicaid Eligibility Review in Florida Raises Concerns about Coverage Loss

Medicaid Eligibility Review in Florida: Potential Implications for Enrollees

Due to the temporary disruption caused by the pandemic, many states, including Florida, have initiated the review process for Medicaid eligibility for the first time in three years. Unfortunately, since May, Florida has witnessed a decline in Medicaid enrollees.

During the first month of the eligibility review process, nearly 250,000 Floridians had their coverage reviewed. Shockingly, over 205,000 individuals lost their enrollment due to reasons such as incomplete paperwork. This underscores the importance of ensuring all necessary documentation is complete and up to date to maintain Medicaid coverage.

According to federal law, states must inform individuals about the reasons behind their Medicaid coverage loss and provide avenues for appealing the decision. However, concerns have been raised regarding the vague nature of some cancellation notices in Florida, potentially violating due process rules. Many Floridians have received letters stating that their Medicaid coverage for a specific period is ending, without providing a detailed explanation for the disenrollment.

While some states are actively seeking federal assistance to preserve health coverage for the youngest and most vulnerable children, Florida has yet to take similar steps. Conversely, states such as Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, and Minnesota are pursuing a federal provision that would enable them to continuously cover children under 6 through Medicaid.

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