Mistakes That Can Increase Your Car Insurance Coverage

Avoid Making These Costly Auto Insurance Mistakes 

For most, the cost of car insurance is a major expense. This means that no one can afford to make mistakes that will result in raised insurance rates. To help keep your auto insurance in Hialeah, FL premiums low, take a look at these costly car insurance mistakes to avoid.

Getting a traffic ticket.

Tickets are one of the most common reasons auto insurance rates increase. Keep in mind that the violation and the severity the violation will be taken into account when your rates increase. However, speeding, running red lights, and careless driving are all violations that result in higher auto insurance rates.

Not reviewing your policy at renewal time.

It’s easy to simply renew your auto insurance policy at renewal time rather than review it to ensure the coverage still meets your needs. However, it pays to review your coverage often. You could be missing a discount you deserve or have a ticket that should have fallen off your record.

Opting for minimum coverage.

Sure, you may be saving a few pennies every month by only taking out the state-required minimum coverage, but what happens when you need coverage? If you are involved in an accident or your car is damaged by vandals, you may be left paying a lot of money out-of-pocket because you opted for the lowest limits.

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