Protecting Your Florida Home Against Disaster

Ensure Your Home is Protected Against Disasters

Your home is your castle. Naturally, taking care of your property and family is your priority. However, have you taken all the necessary precautions in case of an emergency? In Florida, your home has to contend with more than just a few rain showers. To safeguard your property, take a look at how these tips and homeowners insurance Hialeah, FL can help.

  • Make a Plan

The first step in preparing your property for a disaster is by making a plan. Have an easily accessible list of emergency contacts that everyone in your family can find if an incident occurs. You should also talk to your family members about the different evacuation routes.

  • Gather Supplies

Don’t wait until there’s a storm on the forecast before getting supplies. Stock up on items such as non-perishable food, water, blankets, warm clothing, flashlights, candles, a hand-cranked radio, cash, and a first aid kit. Store these supplies in an easy-to-reach location so that you can grab it in a pinch.

  • Keep your property in good condition

Another way to protect your Florida home against disaster is by keeping your property in good condition. Trim back tree branches that might fall and cause significant damage during an ice or wind storm. Make sure your HVAC and other appliances are kept in good condition throughout the year. Checking these things only takes a few minutes but can save you from a serious situation getting out of hand.

In addition to these tasks, it’s also important to maintain proper homeowners insurance coverage. Although having a policy won’t help you during the initial danger, it will make things much easier once the immediate situation has passed. Contact the team at UniVista Insurance, serving Hialeah, Cutler Bay, and beyond to get started on your tailored coverage.