Should Small Business Owners Get Life Insurance?

Life Insurance for Small Business Owners 

In the day to day madness that is running a small business,  it can be easy to forget about some of the most important ways to protect your business and loved ones. Something that far too many business owners overlook is life insurance. You may even be wondering if small business owners need life insurance coverage – and why.

Protecting What You’ve Built

Life insurance is easy to ignore, especially when you think that the worst won’t happen to you. No one wants to imagine what life will be like when they are gone, but it’s an important aspect to consider, especially when you own a business and have a family. Perhaps you intend that the sale of your business could be used to help support your family later on in life. To meet these goals, it’s essential to have a life insurance policy in place. For example, you might have an agreement with partners that trumps your family’s rights in the event that you pass away. A life insurance policy can avoid these circumstances so that you – and your family – have peace of mind.

As a small business owner, it’s not only your family that depend on you, but also your business partners and employees. You may have taken out loans to support your family’s assets to grow or start the business. However, your family members may not be in the situation to afford or have the interest to take the business over. They may struggle to sell it on their own, and they could lose the house if it is listed as collateral for a business loan.

Protecting Your Family

Your spouse and loved ones likely depend on your business’s income to manage the day to day expenses and move towards long-term goals. If your spouse or other family members are not capable of running your company when you pass, they could lose their main source of income. Forced to sell the business, they could be left in a difficult financial situation.

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