Which Driving Habits Affect Your Auto Insurance Rate in Florida?

Driving Habits That Impact Your Car Insurance Premium 

Your driving habits can affect how much you pay for your auto insurance policy. However, even though most motorists know this, it is often unclear which specific habits can cause the rates of auto insurance in Cutler Bay, FL to increase or decrease. Here are a few of the habits you should know that impact your car insurance.

  • Traffic Laws

Violations such as speeding, running red lights, and failing to stop at stop signs can cause your auto insurance rates to increase. The more traffic tickets you receive, the more risk is associated with your driving. In turn, you can expect to see rates begin to increase.

  • Drivers

Do you let other people drive your car? Many auto insurance companies are beginning to exclude or include drivers on your car insurance policy, meaning that you must list who uses your vehicle. Allowing someone who has a poor driving record to drive your car can cause your rates to increase.

  • Zip Code

If you live and drive in a populated urban area, then congestion, accidents, and insurance claims are more prevalent. Living and driving in a metro area will make your rates higher if you live in a rural area, where having an auto incident due to these factors is less likely. Additionally, from your zip code, car insurers will be able to tell the rate of stolen cars in your area, cases of vandalism, and damaging weather. Not all states allow your location to be a major rating factor, but Florida is one that does allow zip code to impact auto insurance rates. 

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