Why friends or relatives pay less car insurance

Understanding the price of auto insurance

One of the daily concerns or questions of customers is why friends or relatives pay less car insurance in Miami or Hialeah than they are.

To understand why these price differences occur, it is important to know how the price of auto insurance in Miami, Hialeah or any city in this country.

The right insurance agency

Insurance agencies represent various insurance companies, and as agents we sell auto insurance policies for them. These companies have their pricing systems and agents we must know how they work and the discounts they grant to customers depending on which one it corresponds.

Most companies offer better prices to customers with better credit scores. The credit is important because it is the basis for determining the financial ability of the client to make your payments on time and helps determine the probability of that customer making a claim.

Client history

Other factors that affect it is the postal code in which the client lives. Not all neighborhoods in Miami they present the same risks that their inhabitants have accidents. The highest risk neighborhoods they will pay the highest prices on auto insurance. It is common to hear that in Hialeah you pay more auto insurance that in Miami Beach and in fact often happens like this.

Find a good insurance agent

It depends on the skill and knowledge of the insurance agent, apply all the discounts it offers each company so that the client pays as little as possible. For example, these are the most common:

  • Owning and living in a house, apartment or mobile home.
  • Have previous insurance continued for 6 months or more, some companies require only 3 months of car insurance.
  • Previous insurance with high coverage for physical damage to other people (Bodily Injury)
  • Good grade point average if you are a student (GPA)
  • Anti-theft system in the car
  • Car brake system
  • Car airbag system
  • Transfer to another insurance company in the same insurance agency
  • Choose to receive electronic policy documents and not paper.
  • Use automatic payments from your bank account or credit / debit card.

Make your move

If you want to pay less car insurance, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at UniVista Insurance Hialeah or UniVista Insurance Cutler Bay. We have years of experience in tailoring car coverage to suit each individuals’ needs. Contact our Florida team today to get started!